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What’s new in kitchen gadgets and appliances?


Gadgets and appliances make it easier and more enjoyable to cook up a feast in the kitchen. Helping you to blend, heat, juice, peel, crush and slow cook your ingredients to perfection.

Updating the gadgets and appliances in your kitchen and ensuring they meet your needs is a great way to make your kitchen work for you. To help you stay up to date with the latest innovations in the world of kitchen gadgets, we’re taking a look at what’s exciting and what’s new in kitchen appliances 

What’s new in kitchen gadgets? 

Energy efficiency 

Energy efficiency is increasingly important to homeowners everywhere. As well as helping to reduce the cost of household utilities, energyefficient gadgets and appliances are good for the environment. After all, the less energy we all use, the less demand there will be on our natural resources.  

These days, most good quality gadgets and appliances from respected manufacturers are designed to be relatively energy efficient. Ovens, kettles, fridges, freezers, washers and dryers all require a lot of electricity in order to function. Buying appliances that need less energy to do their work should help you to keep your carbon footprint to a minimum.  

Most larger household appliances will come complete with an energy rating. This gives you an indication of how efficient they are compared to other similar gadgets. Taking a look at this rating before you buy should help to give you an idea of just how eco-friendly the products are.  

Smart home integration  

Smart features have become almost standard in high end kitchen appliances, so it’s no surprise we’re seeing more and more integration in the new products hitting the market. A number of manufacturers have now developed their own apps. These allow you to connect a number of gadgets and appliances in your home and control them all remotely.  

As well as being novel, smart home integration is efficient and convenient. It’s likely that more and more appliances and gadgets will have smart features in the coming years, so getting to grips with these integrated appliances now will help prepare you for the future.  


As we get more used to smart appliances and smart features, we’re getting happier to hand over some of our responsibilities to our gadgets. A lot of kitchen appliances now come with automatic settings. This takes the guesswork out of things like baking bread, roasting meat and frying chips, and helps cooks to get consistent results in the kitchen. You can even buy automatic pan stirrers to free up your hands when you’re cooking!

When you combine automation with smart features, you can really see what the appliances of tomorrow will look like. Invest in a highend smart fridge, and it will be able to notify you when you’re low on milk, and a smart oven can send you a message when it’s properly preheated. While you may not feel you need these features at the moment, once you’ve experienced the convenience and innovation of a smart home, you’ll never want to go back.   


As appliances become smarter, they’re also getting more precise. You can now heat standard ovens, steam ovens and warming drawers with an incredible degree of accuracy. This makes it easy to prepare ingredients and cook meals to consistently. It also takes the guesswork out of baking desserts, roasting meat and steaming veg.  


Modern innovation has helped kitchen appliances to become ever more efficient. This means that most appliances are now as compact as they can be. While size isn’t always important when it comes to gadgets – after all, a lot of people want big fridges and generously sized hobs – it’s nice to know that there’s no wasted space in your appliance and every inch is being put to good use.  


Manufacturers are always on the look out for new gadgets and appliances that can be developed for the growing kitchen market. As a result, we’re seeing more and more products that are specifically designed for a particular purpose. You can now pick up a baker’s dusting wand so you can sprinkle icing sugar quickly and evenly over your cakes. You can also buy a guacamole container to keep your avocado fresh and even silicon whisk cleaners to help you remove every last bit of residue from your utensil.  

New kitchen gadgets 2020 

New kitchen gadgets are always hitting the market. Every year, manufacturers update their products and innovate on their ideas. The industry moves quickly, so what was considered a new kitchen gadget in 2019 is already old hat today. This ensures there’s always something new and exciting for keen cooks to discover. While some of these innovations are purely for novelty reasons – Darth Vader Toasters have little practical purpose – many offer users better functionality 

In 2020, expect to see more appliances with double functions. For example, steam ovens that can also operate as conventional ovens and fridges that dispense ice and can cool food to different temperatures.  

Appliances and gadgets, as well as becoming more versatile, are set to become more stylish. Manufacturers are placing more importance on the aesthetics of their products and we’re seeing some fantastic new designs hit the market.  

If you want to ensure your kitchen appliances are right up to date and prepare for the smart, integrated, multifunctional kitchens of the future, we can help. Our expert team  know everything there is to know about kitchen appliances and gadgets, so are perfectly placed to advise you on the best products for your needs. Take a look around our site, get in touch or visit our showroom to find out more.  

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